A reason

18. února 2008 v 18:57 | ninja.esti |  Destiny
A reason
Two steps forward and three steps back
And I don´t know where we are
You see it your way and I see it mine
And we´re lost here in the dark
Not just a matter of talkin´ it out
It don´t mean nothin´ if there´s somethin´ to hide I know
You know just what I´m talkin´ about
There´s an unspoken hesitation we both feel inside
Am I here am I gone tell me where I belong
All that I need is a reason am I wrong
Am I right are we sayin´ goodbye
Give me somethin´ to believe in
Cuz all that I need is a reason
It´s complicated so overrated
To say all we need is love
{All that we need is love}
My baby believe me wish that it was
That easy but sometimes love just isn´t enough

This indecision here is wearing me down
I can´t hold on to somethin´ so undefined
Please let me know if what was lost can be found
This situation´s got me crazy going out of my mind

And oh I´d be the one who would never let you go
{All I need is a reason}
If you would only just let your feelings flow
I´d know and you´d know

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