18. února 2008 v 19:07 | ninja.esti |  Destiny
Maybe it´s the way you used to love me
Maybe it´s the way I feel you now
I´m feeling like the sky is fallin on me
And my life is tumbeling down
Maybe I´m lost in the moment
I don´t wanna be found
Feel like I must save the moment
Maybe I´m a fool for lovin you
Maybe you´re right and maybe I´m wrong
Maybe cause I don´t know what to do
Won´t somebody please help me
Maybe I got something else to say
It really doesn´t matter anyway
It´s just a little word an empty call
No maybe means nothing at all
Maybe one day I win the lottery
Maybe I´ll be poor all my life
And there so many possibilities
All I got to do try try try
But I´m still lost in this feeling
Now I wanna be found
Can anyone stop me from falling
I won´t be waiting I can´t be wasting no more time
Cause I got to draw the line sometime
No second guessing it´s only messing with my life
I don´t want it anymore no

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