The rhythm of my heart

18. února 2008 v 18:55 | ninja.esti |  Destiny
The rhythm of my heart
I never knew
It could be like this
I´m surprised to see how it turned out
When your life
Takes a different turn
And every little thing is rearranged
The rhythm of my heart
You came along and changed it
This is where it starts
And it can be amazing
I close my eyes and count to ten
And when I open them again
You change the rhythm of my heart
An open door
The smile I´d waited for
If I could hold a moment in my head
With every beat
We´re stronger than before
Funny how it seems to work out right

Fragile and confused
But you can never see it
What you´re going through
You´ve gotta to feel it to believe it
Some things are meant to be
It´s within reach for me

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