Rozhovor s Bill Blast a M'Jestie

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Rozhovor s producentem No Angels Billem Blastem a textařem M'Jestie.
V rozhovoru mluví o práci s No Angels na jejich Studiovém albu "Welcome To The Dance".


V pozadí jsou slyšet new songy No Angels....zní to teda fakt hodně tanečně.
"What's going on, everybody? My name is M'Jestie, Alicia M'Jestie, to be exact. this is Mumps. Well, the first track that we produced from No Angels is a song called "I'm a Rebel" and actually Phil Glass came up with the track. I took the track, put in some of my ideas and whatever, and something about it - it's like the track is real hard. I loved how it was so hard. The second song that we produced was called "Stop" - it's kind of like, you know how you fall in love or be with somebody when you've been with somebody in the past? And it's like, you know, you gon' try to give it a try again. But then, you like, "all right, don't play games with my heart, don't play games with my mind." So it's pretty much like, "I'll give you a shot, but please don't ever hurt me, stop, wait a little longer."

Well the title track for the album is called "Welcome to the Dance" - now this is a real special song. I kind of dedicate this song to everybody in the club, or anybody in life that start off in the club, kind of like, "all right I'll party but I don't really want to party", like get "Off the Wall" by my man Michael Jackson, but get off the wall, get on the floor. I want you all to listen to the words of "Welcome to the Dance," because it really is an inspiring song for everybody to just get up and live the dream. Live their life. Let's do it.

Well, No Angels was just great to work with. Hard work, dedicated, they know what they're doing so I enjoyed that. The funny thing working with No Angels was when Lucy said, "red bull" instead of "rebel" - yeah, Lucy trying to say that. She was real excited, and real bouncy, and she said the wrong word. We kind of just ran with it with jokes all night, so good times. Larger than life, well I would like to say that I am very proud of them. Everybody listen to the album, I hope you really appreciate the work they put in this record. And the words, about life.

Bill Blast

"Hey, my name is Bill Blast, and I am one of the producers on the No Angels project. Okay, well basically, I produced three tracks - "Rebel", "Welcome to the Dance," and a number called "Stop." The first one that I produced was called "Welcome to the Dance," which is the title track of the album. And I co-produced another with a producer from Sweden, and got a chance to produce the vocals and lyrics. The other ones I produced, along with M'Jestie, who wrote the lyrics, and we shaped the sound together. It's hard to describe because I can't think of anything comparable - all I have to say is, energy, hard work, stick to it until you get it.

They really, really stepped up to the plate here, because they're the total package. They put everything into their work, and are serious about their work, and really, I think the work they've counted for for the past few years really pays off. It's really going to pay off - I think you really get a chance to experience who they are, and where they come from. And how far they've come. This album really speaks for itself - speaks within - which is basically what this whole project objective was. To give them a more American sound. An edgier sound. Because they're grown up now, they're young women now, and they want to project that.

I had a great time with them. And there was always excitement because of the energy they had, especially with Lucy - I don't think they understand how really well they do sing, and how good they actually are. I found that out. Incredible. And I guess, even more so, they really preserve the albums they have, and they enjoy their success. I'm really pleased with the way they handled themselves - and I think it's a really great album. Everyone that's listened to the album has said how great it was, and I think you will too. I think you'll be very pleased with the entire production.

Tohle je asi přesně to ci říkaj ve videu, jinak nevím jestli to budud překládat.

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